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Happy Tu B’av

I don’t have much to say about Tu B’av, the date on the Jewish calendar that some have liked to the Jewish Valentine’s Day.

But boy, does my friend and fellow blogger MixedJewGirl have a lot to say about this little holiday. She’s written “An Open Letter to G-d on Tu B’Av” and I’m really hoping G-d is listening. 

One thought on “Happy Tu B’av

  1. The information in this blog in regards to some “2005 censusthat 70% of black women are unmarried” is false. Census are only taken every 10 years, and the last one was in 2000 (they are preparing for a new census). Ultimately, that is the only valid census, and in the 2000 Census 40% of Black Women were unmarried. Meanwhile, 42% of Black Men were Unmarried. Nothing against the various other points made in the blog. But, I am not a fan of false census and statistics.


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