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Awkward much?

An email from a Jewish convert: 

The questions I often get about my “Irish” appearance pale (no pun intended) in comparison to what Jews of color must face but it’s still so annoying and intrusive.

D. D. 
Then she goes on to tell me about the time a friend of a friend found out she converted. She was minding her own business, standing in a crowd of people, when he walked up to her and yelled “Why didn’t you invite me to your bris?”

No one laughed. 

Awkward much?

I guess he didn’t read “The Do’s and Don’ts of Talking to Converts”

If you have interesting anecdotes to share about being a convert, multiracial or multicultural, email them to me and I might just post them on the blog. My email is at the bottom of the main page. 

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