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Conversion News Roundup

“Ethiopians at the gate” (Haaretz)

Why is Israel suddenly resuming immigration from Ethiopia?

“Jewish school requirements ‘racist,’ British court rules” (Jewish Tribune)

Did Britain decide that Judaism is racist?

“Who is a convert?” (The Forward)

Why Ruth is pretty lucky she’s not converting in 2009….

“New Conversion Legislation” (Ynet)

A step forward or a step back?

“The JFS lesson”

Take note-Converts across “denominational” lines sticking together.

“Who’s a rabbi?”

Glad someone’s asking!

“Israel’s Politician as Super Woman” (The Forward)

This baby-making machine is making me feel lazy.

“Yisrael Beiteinu seeking radical reform of conversion courts” (Haaretz)

Hopefully, it’s radical reform in the right direction….

“The Spanish Inquisiton and Me” (

One Latina Jewess tells the world why becoming a Jew was her greatest act of defiance.

“The Big Rewind” (The New York Times)

Thinks his mother got the idea to convert from the back of a comic book. You’ll laugh or cry.

“Convert’s marriage retroactively nixed” (The Jerusalem Post)

Now you’re married…and now you’re not.

6 thoughts on “Conversion News Roundup

  1. We, Israeli Jews, OWE IT to Jewish converts around the world to standardize the conversion acceptance process. Progress has been made in the U.S. through the RCA.

    I do not want to lower the standards for conversion, G-d forbid. We simply need to provide one process that any potential convert can go through and be confident that the Rabbinate will accept it.


  2. I understand why Orthodox Schools in Britain are upset, based on the current climate. However a observance entrance test makes the school more exclusive in practice. How many stories have we heard of not so observant Jews joining a particular shul simply for educational access? *Sigh* they cannot see past a piece of paper.


  3. Nobody would convert to Judaism with all this drama and all these ridiculous demands. If somebody wants to convert, help them convert, please treat them well since what they're doing is not easy leaving their families and everything for us to be treated like crap. Adam, I dont think would be interested in conversion if you werent born Jewish because of these harsh standards. So do not open your mouth without knowing what is like to be in these people's shoes because you dont know what they go through on a daily basis. To me converts are amazing beings only for trying to join our people. But nowdays, rabbis make it impossible for somebody to join the fold. They treat would be converts like animals as though they were not humans. We dont need more antisemitism and hatred toward Jews. If rabbis make it so impossible to convert, why dont the they do like syrian jews, create a tanaka to ban conversions so they wont have to convert anyone anymore, that'd avoid intermarriage and other issues like treating converts like beasts. I think rabbis are doing more aveirot by converting, so why not stop it? I am telling you people get so burned out and mistreated I am sometimes afraid they would take revenge against the Jewish people for the inappropriate subjective and inhumane behavior of converting rabbis. Banning conversions would bring more peace and less trouble to the Jewish people. I feel sorry and I apologize on behalf of all jews for all the damage these rabbis have made in the past and continue doing now. I am not going to mention any names here but one of my best friends tried to convert and a rabbi treated her like S*** literally playing with her life as though she was a piece of chess. Enough, I just say enough pain and suffering.


  4. The party proposing the legislation would probably support making conversion easier bureaucratically, as most converts would be assumed to be staunch Zionists (my sister is a convert, but isn't, which is a mystery to me, or she fell into a College solidarity trip).

    To paraphrase Barry Goldwater, if the Knesset can standardize religious conversions and make it easier procedure-wise, they can later make it more difficult.

    Of course, Israel has a unique mix of secular and religious. I imagine BY may also be trying to recover if Lieberman is convicted. The party itself is somewhat anti-clerical and probably very antagonistic towards anti-Zionist Charedi, like the Neuteri Karta.


  5. Anonymous> Aside from a historical tradition of conversion, banning conversions would be severally bad genetically for the tribe's future. I'm from New Orleans, and Arkansas is to my North, Mississippi to my East. Do you want the Jewish people to become like them 🙂

    Michal> Green is my favorite clor, too.


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