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Rabbis in Handcuffs?

“44 Charged by U.S. in New Jersey Corruption Sweep” (NY Times)

Everyone’s talking about the latest scandal involving Jews and money. This time it’s rabbis in handcuffs. No, not even rabbis are above the laws of the land. Will the latest news breed more anti-Semitism?

Read “More Bad News for Orthodox Jews” by Jew in the City, Allison Josephs, and find out what you should be doing after reading this kind of news on Jews. 

2 thoughts on “Rabbis in Handcuffs?

  1. BS”D

    I do not have any inside information about the story. I would just like to point out that the Lashon Hara rules say that when somebody who is presumed to be a G-d-fearing Jew is accused of something bad, even if elements against him are very strong, we should do our best to teach zechut about him.


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