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News of Note

Are you Jewish? Can you prove it? ”Rabbinate refuses to marry Jewish couple over adoption suspicion”  It won’t be just converts having to show their papers anymore. Do you have your certificate of Jewishness handy?

Orthodox Women Rabbis? ”Between a rav and a hard place” Profile on Rabbi Avi Weiss wonders whether or not the rav has chilled out. 

Should conversion be promoted to intermarried couples? ”Conservatives End Push to Convert Intermarried”  (Can someone explain why non-Jews want to be presidents of synagogues or in the Sisterhood when they have no plans to convert? That just boggles my mind. I heard someone say once that you should never be so open-minded that your brain falls out of your head…. I just can’t imagine a non-Christian being the head of any Catholic church committee.)
Days later though, worried about the misrepresentation in the previous article, the Rabbinical Assembly issues this statement via the JTA: “Conservative Rabbis: We Still Back Conversions”.

Gary Tobin dies, does his dream of a more inclusive Jewish community die with him? Three articles look at Tobin’s (sometimes, kind-of-out-there) views on conversion and reaching out to Jews of color. ”He Took Our Measure, and Dreamed Bigger” (Forward)

“Gary Tobin’s death sparks thoughts on positive nature of conversion (

“Maverick researcher Gary Tobin, 59, reached out to Jews of color” (JTA)

One Ethiopian woman’s conversion puts conversion back under the microscope and adds fuel to the fire of rabbis hoping to make conversion as difficult as possible. 
“Ethiopian woman used conversion to bring non-Jewish husband to Israel”

“Ethiopian victim of rabbi’s road road has conversion revoked”

“Dangerous religious radicaliztion”

“A Christian’s Journey to Judaism” The story of a Mexican-American Crypto-Jew tells you a whole lot about conversion, family, Sephardic Jewry, and more. Favorite lines: ““My family thought I was going nuts,” Barkhausen said.” & “They couldn’t be Jewish. Now, we can.”

3 thoughts on “News of Note

  1. At my synagogue quite a lot of the members have non-Jewish spouses and some of them are very involved with the synagogue. They might not feel like they are prepared to take on the yoke of the Torah, but they might want to support the synagogue, which is the religious home of their wives and children, by helping with fund raisers or social events. Some of them attend adult education classes so that they're better prepared to be able to raise their Jewish children. Sometimes they convert eventually, but it takes years of slowly feeling at home in the community to be ready to make the commitment.


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