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Welcome to Insomnia

It’s the middle of the night, 2am when I’m writing this blog though you’ll see it posted around 12am on a different day. I ended up making a list of stupid questions people ask me now that I’m a Jewminicana.

I’m thinking “Are you Jewish?” and the rest of the countless, mind-numbing, repetitious, interrogations, Q and A, could show people what it’s like living life as a little Jewess, a little Dominicana made in USA. 

Did I tell you about the time my dentist told me that I was going to make on “hot Latina” rabbi’s wife? Dangerously inappropriate from my overly friendly nice Jewish doctor.

Literanista would like to share her words of wisdom “On Being Latina.”

I am not your fetish.

My name is not Maria, “Oye, Mira,” Mamacita, or Bonita Applebum.

I am not your Malinche.

I will not do the Macarena for you.

Nor do I know how to make Pasteles from scratch.

When you meet me please refrain from telling me about your love for tacos. (I get this one a lot.)

To read the rest check out Literanista: A Place for Multi-Cultural Dialogue on Latinos, Books, Technology & More.

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