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Conversion News Roundup: Keeping you informed or scared out of your mind?

Rabbi Avraham Sherman, one of Jewcy‘s “Haredi’s Most Wanted: The 5 Worst Offenders”, has the magical power to turn non-Jews into Jews and back to non-Jews to Jews to non-Jews. Oy, I’m confused, are you? 

“No one will be willing to go through the trouble of converting if there is a real fear that, sometime down the road, the conversion will simply be annulled.” (Not true, there are plenty of masochists…er, lovers of Judaism.) “Amar Moves to bar rabbinic judge from conversion cases” (Jerusalem Post, 6/25/09) proving that the conversion squabble is not really about converts but about rabbis. 

“Until now a conversion certificate from the State of Israel was an unassailable certification of one’s Jewishness. Now the chief rabbi has intimated that no convert can feel secure in his or her Jewishness.” (Gulp.) “Chief Rabbi vs Chief Rabbi on Conversions” (Jewish Week, 6/24/09)

“Modern Orthodox rabbis have organized to violate the law to help converts who are unable to marry because they are not recognized by haredi chief rabbis of cities.” (At least, someone’s on our side.) 

“These haredi rabbis, following in the footsteps of leading haredi halachic authorities such as Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, have declared that anything less than a full acceptance of Orthodox strictures at the time of conversion followed by concrete proof of adherence to an Orthodox lifestyle after the conversion renders the conversion invalid.” (But of course, the other front is not giving up the fight.“Zionist rabbis break law for converts” (Jerusalem Post, 6/25/2009)
“Sherman stated explicitly that a conversion has no validity unless the convert proves he or she has embraced an Orthodox lifestyle. Anything less is unacceptable. According to the decision, the Jewishness of converts can in theory be revoked at any time, no matter how long ago the conversion took place and no matter which Rabbinical Conversion Court performed the conversion.” (Raise your hand if you’re scared of Rabbi Sherman.“Rabbinate demands haredi control of conversion” (Jerusalem Post, 6/23/09)

“This time Rabbi Sherman declared a conversion granted by the Rabbinate to a woman null and void, questioned her Jewishness, ordered her to divorce her husband immediately and stated that as of now her children are to be branded “unfit to marry” other Jews.” (Raise your hand if you’re worried this guy has too much power.) “Rabbi Sherman annuls another conversion” (Ynet, 6/23/09)

“During the divorce proceedings doubts were raised as to whether the woman was actually Jewish, as she had converted before her marriage.” (HUH?) “Rabbinic Court proves subservience to ultra-Orthodox” (Haaretz, 6/24/09)’

In other news, are the Catholics still trying to convert us Jews? Well, in my case, they’re trying to convert me back. Worry.

And perhaps, the NY Times doesn’t hate Jews (To which some of my friends would say, no not Jews, only Israel.)

And did you hear about the Jews of the Amazon rainforest? “Adopting Forebears’ Faith and Leaving Peru for Israel” (6/21/09) If you should develop Crypto Jewish fever as a result, check out these oldie but goodies articles from the JTA: 


2 thoughts on “Conversion News Roundup: Keeping you informed or scared out of your mind?

  1. Aliza, This is the greatest quote I have heard yet in regards to the conversion controversy, “…the conversion squabble is not really about converts but about rabbis.” Well said! – Leah


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