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Wow, I’m in the NY Daily News!

“But on June 10, 1967, the U.S. Supreme Court declared in a landmark decision that no state could restrict marriages based on race or culture.”

My husband and I were featured in this lovely article about multicultural/multiracial marriages, check it out: “In the melting pot of NYC, these mixed-cultural couples think the world of each other”

2 thoughts on “Wow, I’m in the NY Daily News!

  1. But you aren't really a mixed couple because your souls stood together at Sinai. The Daily News won't get that. I hope that you do.BTW in the ultra right wing Modia magazine had a very nice piece on converts, an advice column, someone writing to ask how to deal with the fact that the husband is a convert and the Rabbi answered with the genuine respect the Torah demands which I wish were the norm in our Jewish world.


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