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Obama has no patience for Holocaust denial or Tom Brokaw’s leading questions

Okay, I understand Tom Brokaw asking Barack Obama what he thinks the Iranian preisdent could learn from a trip like his to Buchenwald. But hearing Brokaw follow that question up with “What can the Israelis learn from your trip to Buchenwald?  And their treatment of the Palestinian people?” 

Excuse me, but what HAVEN’T the Israelis learned from the Holocaust? Something tells me the Holocaust is on their minds much more than it has ever been on Ahmedenajad’s. 
Did anyone else get riled up by that question? I thought Obama handled the question well. 

One thought on “Obama has no patience for Holocaust denial or Tom Brokaw’s leading questions

  1. I sometimes wonder why news folks bothered going to College when they are so caught up in the cult of the underdog that they feel sympathy for anyone that is on the losing side. If the school bully gets punched in the nose after little Melvin took karate and gained self-confidence over the summer, the media will spin the bully as some underdog who had a rough life and only picks on more privileged kids or some other victimization nonsense.

    President Obama may even buy into the cult of the underdog and third-world solidarity to some extent, but he doesn't buy into the equivalence argument. He should have brought up the Arabs who aided the Nazis that would be the foundations for Nasserism and Baathism, but he was too polite to tell Tom Brokaw that it's time to retire and he'll work on Medicare to give him adequate treatment.


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