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Learning to Say No

I am learning my limitations. And accepting them. It sounds simple enough but for an overachiever who doesn’t quit until her body does, I’ve discovered a knack for never turning down a chance to overwork myself silly.

And yet, in the past few weeks, I have been turning down assignments. It’s like I’m in an alternate universe. People offer me jobs, money, and I’ve said no. No, I can’t because that would cripple me. No, I can’t because I can’t juggle anything else. No, I can’t because I just can’t.

Two things. First, okay, how come so many people are taking me seriously lately? This writing thing was just supposed to help me stop being depressed. It wasn’t supposed to take over my life. And the second, THIS IS SO COOL!

Okay, so I still can’t afford to get myself an Amazon Kindle. And it doesn’t help that I’ve bought every book I think will miraculously solve the mystery of why I can’t come up with an outline for my darn book. Plus, I’m still overworked and stretched in every direction: writing articles, writing books, amassing followers on Twitter, growing my little fan page and lastly (what should be #1 but isn’t), working on my health.

So I’ve still got a lot of work to do. But look how easy it rolls off the tongue. “No!” No, I can’t do that. No, it’s too much. No, please, no! This is going to come in handy.

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