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A Jew of non-color?

What makes someone a Jew of color? When I recently met up with other Jews of color, I realized that I was the pastiest face in the room. I was the only one who could convincingly (and I have before) pass as just some tanned Ashkenazi or more likely, Sephardic girl.

Does that mean I’m not a Jew of color?

I suspect that mixed race people, who don’t look “mixed” and are identified by looks as just one race, have asked themselves this question, too.

Despite the fact that I need to wear a lot of sunblock to prevent me from turning into a “redneck,” I’m going to go out on a limb and say not only am I a mixed race Jew, I’m a Jew of color. I’m a brown Jew on the inside, even if I’m not a brown Jew on the outside.

3 thoughts on “A Jew of non-color?

  1. Aliza,

    I have “black” identifying family members who have blonde hair. Relax.

    My mom is a “woman of color” and is lighter than you are.

    We consider you part of the community. That’s all that matters.


  2. Great question Aliza. Diggin’ deep into the confusing world of mixed-race folks. I think all minority communities deal with this question regularly. Most of have decided that genetics is a crazy thing, outside color is not to be relied on, and it is your lifestyle, identification, and contribution to your communitie(s) that makes you who you are. (My tribe’s highest ranking chief is very light/obviously mixed, but it didn’t prevent him from earning the the title of Principle Chief!)


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