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Mexican Flu

Mr. P–? P– Diddy?

“Is it safe to go outside?” you must be wondering upon hearing the news that the swine flu has made its way to our coast. And the answer? I’m not sure. I’ve logged onto the CDC website every day since I first heard of the outbreak but the answer hasn’t gotten any clearer. Even daycares, one news outlet warned, are not immune.

But Israel has other worries since an Israeli man returned from Mexico showing symptoms of swine flu. Israel and its non-pork eating constituents are now playing word games, specifically with the phrase “swine flu.” Haredi politicos are now calling the “swine flu” by any other name (right now it’s called the Mexican flu) to avoid using the word of that non-kosher animal.

Does anyone else think this is a bit much? I thought we just weren’t supposed to eat them, are we now not even allowed to name that animal in conversation? Any ideas for what we should rename the pink animals whose claim to fame it was to star as Wilbur, Babe and even dear old Muppet Miss P-ggy?

Meanwhile, does anyone think that this name change will cause more people to hate Mexicans?

6 thoughts on “Mexican Flu

  1. Aliza,

    This reminds me of Harry Potter and “He who cannot be named.” It’s excessive, but you have to admit it is funny.


  2. I am already seeing more mexican hate from a certain person at my job since the outbreak was announced. she’s mad that “nothing’s being done to those people that cross the border daily.” she has already expressed her hatred of mexicans/people that look mexican before. nothing bigots say surprise me anymore though.


  3. as a mexican girl living in mexico city right now, i have to say that i HATE when ppl say it’s “mexican flu” it’s not something we created!!! there are a lot of things we (mexicans) have to be preoccupied about than “creating” or being the f*n name of some new virus. ppl hve to realize that it is not funny or pleasant to live in the city where most ppl have died from this virus! its really annoying not being able to go out of your house or do anything at all whithout being concerned that we might get the disease!! That is simply racism!! it hurts and really ticks me off.


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