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Holocaust Guilt says Ahmadinejad

Watch as members of the EU walk out of the UN Human Rights Council international anti-racism conference where keynote speaker, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad blasted Israel.

Listen to the English voiceover of Ahmadinejad’s speech at the JTA.

According to Israel Today, Ahmadinejad insisted the European powers established Israel out of guilt over the Nazi Holocaust.

“Under the pretext of compensating for the evil done in the name of xenophobia, they in fact set up the most violent xenophobes, in Palestine,” stated Ahmadinejad.

Read more about the clowns in The Jerusalem Post article, “Who Interrupted Ahmadinejad’s Speech?”

2 thoughts on “Holocaust Guilt says Ahmadinejad

  1. You know what – I am cynical enough to say he is right. They did feel guilty. That doesn’t mean that it wasn’t the right thing to do (it was) or that we shouldn’t be there (we should) but would it have happened without the holocaust? I don’t think so, at least not at that time.


  2. I would agree with Rebecca, I heard President Ahmadnijead’s speech on the BBC and some of his points rang true and I say this as a proud Religious Zionist. The creation of Medinat Yisrael was, as the late Jewish historian Isaac Deutscher once suggested, a case where a man fleeing a fire fell on a person who was walking in the street where the chap landed after jumping out of the burning building. That said, we still have to constructively engage Iran. As my wife and I both agreed this evening, “an attack on Iran by any outside power would be a mistake.” I might add none of the “Bag Iran” hardliners ever consider the fate of the 30,000 strong Jewish community in the IRI.


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