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Hybrids aren’t just cars

Yes, I’m a hybrid and I’m proud of it!

But do you agree with Andre Cordescu’s point that “setting apart one’s tribe or nation ends inevitably in war.” Obviously, Jews set themselves apart. We’re the “chosen” people and by that we mean that G-d gave us a whole bunch of rules we werent meant to follow and that by our actions, show the world that G-d is where it’s at.

Someone asked me if by hyphenating my identity, I am setting myself apart and keep the status quo of identifying by meaningless markers like race and culture. But I never said that race and culture were meaningless, they are very much a part of who I am. They are only rendered less meaningful when they are used to oppress people (as with racism and anti-Semitism). Where I once wanted to just say “I’m American” and blend in, I demand to hyphenate. Jewish Dominican America, Dominican American Jew and still call myself as American as anyone else.

“Ideas of race purity lead to genocide.” And they did during the Holocaust. But Jews, despite being commanded to marry within the tribe, have never claimed to be a racially pure people. We can incorporate anyone who chooses to ride the G-d lovin’ wagon with us. More over, interrmarriage, conversion and adoption have ensured that we are as hybrid as it gets.

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