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News: Loyalty and Madame Rabbi

Can you be loyal to more than one homeland? I think it’s a pretty interesting question considering the fact that I feel connected to three. In “A Question of Loyalty”, David Bogner discusses his connection to Israel and America and why he doesn’t think they conflict.

Meanwhile, in other news, “IDF Rabbinate Corps Appoints First-Ever Female Officer”, Captain Ofra Guttman has been appointed following pressure from NIF grantee Kolech – Religious Women’s Forum and other Orthodox Feminist groups. (See, who said Orthodox and feminism were an oxymoron?)

Captain Guttman said, “This new position has been created because very few of the tens of thousands of women serving in the IDF seek counsel from the Rabbinate Corps in comparison to their male counterparts. There are many subjects for which it is very difficult for young women to talk to a rabbi and which it is much easier for them to speak about with another woman.”

One thought on “News: Loyalty and Madame Rabbi

  1. This is actually the second women in the IDF Rabanut, the other was a 1st Lt. and was active about a year ago, I dont know what happened to her…


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