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Jewish Students Under Siege

At UC Santa Barbara in California:

At York University in Toronto:

“Jewish students under ‘siege’ at York U”

“Jewish students ‘held hostage’ at Toronto Hillel”

At UC Irvine in California:

“Quiet war on campus: Israel remains under attack despite fewer public protests”

“Jewish students urged to avoid UC Irvine”

In the UK:

“Jewish Students Say U.K. Groups Ignore Anti-Semitic Acts on Campus”

2 thoughts on “Jewish Students Under Siege

  1. Response to the video:Gaza is like the Warsaw Ghetto in a lot of ways. It’s a territory that is controlled by an occupying military power, and is cut off from resources (globally enforced embargo) that would allow its people to do much more than survive. I don’t think it’s fair to discredit that just because it equates Israel with Nazi Germany. It is a ghetto, plain and simple. No, Israel does not have extermination camps, nor would I call its actions genocide. But that state department definition of anti-Semitism is pretty ridiculous. One should be allowed to criticize Israel, just like they should be allowed to criticize any country. I think the professor who wrote that email is something of an idiot, if he didn’t realize that his comparisons between Israel and Nazi Germany would immediately make everyone ignore the salient parts of his message.


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