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Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

Sick all day with pain and fatigue that’s been worming its way through my entire week. So, again I find myself looking for solace in the TV show, “30 Rock.”

I am quite pleased with how worldly “30 Rock” is. Unlike “Friends” which was also set in New York but could never be accused of being multicultural, “30 Rock” has a significant multicultural cast and there are many references made to race and other cultures.

Dominicans were mentioned in one of the latest episodes I saw. In the show, two of the large, African-American members on the show pretend to be little leaguers to help a beleaugered baseball team. When the other team’s coach says that these men couldn’t possibily have been born after 1993, another coach pulls out “Dominican birth certificates” that prove otherwise. I could never as a kid ever have imagined Dominicans being spoken about on major television. Like Junot Diaz, I very much felt like a ghost watching all-white, “all-American” characters on television.

Jews are mentioned often on the show. I can’t get one particular mention out of my head. One character on the show, Tracy Jordan, apparently won an award for the song “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah.” Here’s the clip from the show and further below, the song in its entirety.

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