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Aliza Hits Latina Magazine and more….

Pick up the current issue of Latina magazine and you’ll find a familiar face amidst the pages: mine. Check out page 84 of the February issue for my latest piece, “Not-So-Foreign Language” where I chronicle my battles to stay fluent in Spanish in the face of assimilation and cultural conflict. If you’re savvy, you might even be able to find a link to the PDF of the piece on one of the links on this site. Wink, wink. (Oh, come on, just go pay the $2.95.)

If you missed “My Uterus is None of Your Business,” check out the latest reprint in The Jewish Planet bearing a new glatt kosher title, “My Fertility is None of Your Business.”

7 thoughts on “Aliza Hits Latina Magazine and more….

  1. I just finished reading my copy of Laina….from beginning to end….Aliza I absolutely loved your piece….it was like you were talking about me……Bravo to you for claiming your language! You inspired me to write my own story.


  2. Hi Aliza,I bought this issue of Latina to critique for my Magazine Design class (I have a subscription at home) – I haven’t actually read through the magazine in ages, but your article stuck out to me.I’m 1/2 Mexican, but I have light skin and red hair – everyone always assumes I’m Irish. My older brother’s nickname was even “white boy,” and the “super-Latina” girls in high school always picked on me or told me I didn’t have a right to call myself a Latina because I didn’t speak Spanish. It’s now my secondary major in college (doubling with Journalism), and it’s relatively easy because I’m just re-learning it all. I’ve studied abroad in Mexico and learned so much more about my culture… I think I’m more Latina at heart than any of those girls.I really enjoyed your article and I really related with it. Thanks for being a voice for women like us.


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