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Secular Conversion–an oxymoron

“Right of Reply: Secular conversion – an oxymoron” is my latest Op-Ed in The Jerusalem Post. Talk back here or talk back there, I’d love to hear your opinions.

5 thoughts on “Secular Conversion–an oxymoron

  1. Still getting used to my Twitter, I have no idea how to reply to people on it or how to view comments. But I did manage to find a quote from another Jewish blogger about this piece: “What would a secular conversion be? Eating bagels and living in New York?”


  2. The entire thing is a horrible mess. There needs to be civil marriage, burial, etc. There needs to be immigration that is not tied with religion. Since I can’t ever imagine a world where people will be happy with everyone’s conversion, we need to make a place for everyone who doesn’t fit in the tidy little boxes.I won’t even touch the conversion issue. My family fully accepts that my daughter and I, if we make aliyah, aren’t Jewish by the standards in place. I would at least like my daughter to be able to become a citizen.


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