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Dominican and Jewish Boom in New York City

For some reason, I’m always shocked to learn that a fellow Dominican didn’t grow up in Washington Heights. But according to the 2000 Census detailed in “Census Shows Growing Diversity in New York City”, that should come as no surprise since Dominicans and Mexicans make up 51% of the population in the Bronx. It might be that Dominicans are taking over all of New York City, the Census notes that most of the immigrants arriving here recently came from the Dominican Republic. Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Jews were also well represented thanks to birthrates in two Orthodox Jewish suburbs:

“Underscoring the growing diversity of the suburbs, the survey found that the median age in Kiryas Joel in Orange County is just over 14 — making it the youngest community in the country with 20,000 or more people. The town’s youthfulness reflects the high birth rates of its Hasidic community. Lakewood, N.J., an Orthodox Jewish enclave and home to one of the nation’s largest yeshivas, was in second place, with a median age of 20.”

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