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Richard Pryor was our first black president

See how far we’ve come by laughing it up to this 1977 clip starring comedian Richard Pryor. (Fun fact: One of Pryor’s daughter, Rain, is a Jew by birth of mixed race.)

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4 thoughts on “Richard Pryor was our first black president

  1. It is really interesting to see how far we have come; but it also reminds us of the sentiments that are still present out there in America. I was born [a few years] after that short, but I really like how in the 1960s and 70s people of all types were making the efforts to explore this stuff (back then you had <>Roots<> shown on prime time, network TV; today we have BET; but it can largely be ignored by those who want to). Nowadays people think “I voted for Obama, of course I’m not racist!”


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