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DNA Tests Lead to Questions: Jewish? Muslim? Catholic?

My great-great grandmother was a nice girl from Spain. Was she Jewish?

I still don’t understand why we weren’t allowed to eat pork growing up and why my mother wore a star of David. When I asked her as a kid about the former, she mumbled something about “the Old Testament.” I gave her a perplexed long look and went back to my usual modus operandi: never ask Mom questions. Knowing my mother, it’s less likely that we’re Crypto-Jews and more likely that she thought she was being a better Catholic through these little rituals.

But according to “Gene Test Shows Spain’s Jewish and Muslim Mix”, “twenty percent of the population of the Iberian Peninsula has Sephardic Jewish ancestry and 11 percent have DNA reflecting Moorish ancestors, the geneticists have found.” So it’s also possible Abuela could have been Muslim.

Oy vey, remind me to save up for a DNA test, okay?

One thought on “DNA Tests Lead to Questions: Jewish? Muslim? Catholic?

  1. That would be fascinating to find out. I know of this program where you swab the inside of your cheek and get added to this genetic database. Costs $100 but it sounded interesting.


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