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America’s Mixed Race Future

Check out JVoices for a great interview with Jen Chau, the Jewish mixed race founder and director of Swirl:

I’ve previously blogged about Jen who I met at a JCC Manhattan talk on Jews of color. I’ve been meaning to attend a SWIRL writing workshop for ages but my fibromyalgia has been getting in the way.

Also listen in on “Mixed Up”, a clip from the Brian Lehrer Show, that focuses on our mixed-race future and Carmen Van Kerckhove, Co-Founder of New Demographic and founder and publisher of, and Jen Chau explain the implications and how Barack Obama’s candidacy has changed the discussion about mixed-race identity.

2 thoughts on “America’s Mixed Race Future

  1. Wow Aliza, Racialicious and Swirl are both so deeply awesome that I’m a little sweaty. Thanks so much for turning me on to them. It’s so nice that you met one of them at the JCC. Funny, you know I dated a jewish guy for five years – we could have gotten married. And I would have considered converting, because it was so important to his family, whom I loved. And then I would have been like Jen Chau, an Asian Jew! 😀 Things turned out different, of course, but I think that would have been a lovely life too.


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