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Early Chanukah Present

My sister says she celebrates secular Christmas, Yule and Chanukah. By that she means, she’s putting up a Christmas tree, heralding in winter and lighting a menorah she’s “stolen” from my collection.

Today we celebrated Chanukah early by sneaking away from our responsibilities and watching “Twilight” again. Still good. Still enjoyable. My husband is now finishing up reading the series after getting hooked up the romance between Bella and Edward.

I gave myself an early Chanukah present. I handed over “my baby” (er, a big chunk of my book) to my writing teacher from my Monday morning Writing Workshop in Teaneck, Ruchama Feuerman. She’s going to edit it and hopefully settle once and for all whether or not I’m qualified to write a book or not. Writing a book has been much more difficult than I anticipated it would be. It’s nothing like writing a little story or article here and there. Hopefully, her comments won’t make me cry.

And on that note, I’m checking out. My stomach sounds like a wounded kitten right now thanks to some store brand Cheerios. Woe is me. And though I have no plans to continue posting about the situation in Mumbai, I hope that you all have your eyes out on the great stories being written up about the tragedy.

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