I feel like I don’t fit in in Riverdale. Sure, it’s supposed to be a nice convergance of urban meets suburban but do you see all those trees? And do you realize everything closes at 9pm? That’s way more suburban than urban. And it’s so far from everything else. Yes, I’m whining. I really learn how to drive!

Meanwhile, another qualm about Riverdale: everyone has kids or pets and I find myself allergic to both! No, really, I am medically allergic to all feathery and furry creatures but I might need to get allergy shots for kids, too. Anyone under 14 (the youngest I taught as a high school teacher) totally baffles me. This is coming from a person who had deep discussions with her precocious two-year-old sister.

So, I’m trying to start my own club, a little writing club. Lest I whine myself unconcious? Wish me luck. I don’t remember these things going well for me when I was in grade school. Except for that club in high school where you could only be a member if you hadn’t kissed a boy. Was I starting my own convent?

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