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Jew on Staff

Barack Obama picked Rahm Emanuel as his Chief of Staff. (Emanuel’s wife is a Jewish convert.) An interesting move, no? Certainly derails a number of the crazed emails I received throughout the campaign declaring that Obama was secretly a Muslim fundamentalist terrorist. Because, you know, those kinds of people normally pick Israeli Americans for their teams?

Oy, I am so tired to this campaign and this election. I feel like the only one. All the news is covering it and people everywhere are crying about it (with joy or angst). Look, even now I’m writing about it and crying about it (with joy and angst).

2 thoughts on “Jew on Staff

  1. hey points to your team for getting the chief of staff. hmm, perhaps we’ll get an Asian American head of the FDA? and yeah, maybe will quiet those voices who are sure of Barack Obama’s anti-semitism. I can’t stop talking about the election either…I may never stop!


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