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Common sense and conversion?

Conversion in the News:

A Common-sense proposal on conversion finds The Jewish Chronicle’s Simon Rocker pondering the lack of “common sense” in the current conversion climate.

A quick quote:

“And what is significant is this. In his experience, 90 per cent of those who completed the conversion process, Rabbi Lau said, were not “shomer mitzvot”, that is strictly religiously observant. “But 100 per cent felt when they finished the whole process that they linked deeply to Am Yisrael, Klal Yisrael [the Jewish people], not just to Jewish history but to the Jewish tradition and Jewish roots.” In other words, the conversion process helped integrate people of Jewish descent (for example, whose father, but not whose mother, was Jewish) into the Jewish people – but did not insist that they become fully observant before being accepted as Jewish. “

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