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The Poster Girl for Conversion

Ivanka Trump before she adopts the art of tznius.

I know, you’ve already heard about it but I can’t help but post about it. Ivanka Trump is converting to Judaism. She’s gone and gotten herself engaged to Jewish head of the NY Observer, Jared Kushner. They plan to get married next year. In the meantime, she’s taking classes at my alma mater, Upper East Side Modern Orthodox synagogue, Kehilath Jeshurun. Does that mean Ivanka’s considering an Orthodox conversion? I wonder if she’d be interested in joining my online support group.

3 thoughts on “The Poster Girl for Conversion

  1. Kinda upsets me. She’ll get an Orthodox conversion, but I’m pretty sure she won’t sport a scarf or sheitel or keep kosher or shomer shabbos, but they’ll convert her because of who she is, no problem, no difficulty.I can’t help but be miffed :\


  2. I find this whole situation appalling. And, people wonder why our conversions are being called into question. It is because of Rabbi who are perfectly willing to convert people despite the fact that they will not be shomer mitvot. Unbelievable!!!


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