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Aliza’s J-O-B

Here’s a love letter I sent to some of my friends and family today after many blows to my ego.

“You know, I think that I should say something. All of y’all are very sweet but you seem to have forgotten that I DO HAVE A JOB.

Job #1 I hate. It’s getting healthy enough so that I don’t have to be entirely dependent on others. Look at me tying my shoelaces all by myself now. And brushing my teeth. And combing my hair. And making dinner. And not dropping things 24-7. And not walking around like a pain zombie. Ooh.

Job #2 is writing my book which is not as easy as it looks and pays horribly right now.

Job #3 is called FREELANCE WRITING. It’s a tough gig and it doesn’t pay really well at the beginning but if I pick up some steady gigs, I can really do pretty well. I made $1500 on my first big writing job. $650 on the second. I’m getting paid in pounds from Britain. I’ve got a pretty steady gig with Chabad and I’m working on others. An article for one women’s magazine might turn into anywhere from $1500-$4000 in one lump sum. (PRAY FOR ME!) I’m taking a bunch of classes including one with sheeesheee people at Columbia.

See, I have a job. It’s not a good job in terms of money but the job satisfaction is pretty sweet. And mostly, I don’t have to leave the house to do it. Contrary to proper belief, I am just fine going to work (my computer) in my pajamas and my underwear.”

Aliza at work (and out of her pajamas).

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