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The S-Word

I was strolling about the internet trying to come up with titles for my book when I found this “great” Jewish t-shirt website. I was all set to buy my husband, “Trust me, I’m a rabbi” until I saw…

“Shiksas are for Practice.”

The site claims that “each of our shirt ideas is carefully appraised by the Judgement panel to determine its humor, good taste, jewiness and originality.” I’m sorry, does “Shiksas are for Practice” fall under humor, good taste, jewiness or originality? Wait, I know. It’s falls under my guidelines for truly DISGUSTING.

I’m sure this is what we mean by being a light unto the nations, yes?

Words Aliza thinks are dirty and should never be used by Jews or anyone for that matter:

  • Shiksa
  • Shvartza-That similarly used derogatory word for African-Americans
  • Goy (when used in nasty references to non-Jews. My sister though does want a “Shabbos Goy” t-shirt)

2 thoughts on “The S-Word

  1. <>Goy (when used in nasty references to non-Jews.<>While there is never a good reason to call someone a shiksa, let me point out that <>the non-derogatory term is <>goy<><>. Yiddish does not have any other non-euphemistic and non-derogatory terms for a non-Jew. The fact that some people say it with an inappropriate tone is problematic, but the word itself is not a problem.<>Shvartza-That similarly used derogatory word for African-Americans<>As I routinely point out, “shvartza” <>cannot possibly be a derogatory word<>, insofar as it is the ONLY word for Black person in Yiddish. Take “shvartza” out of the language, and there is no way to describe Barack Obama’s ethnicity to anyone who speaks only Yiddish.As someone who still hears (and sometimes speaks) Yiddish in the home, I hear and use the word “shvartza” all the time. The meaning is in the way you say it!


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