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Revving up for Rosh Hashana

What in the world have I been doing lately? I can’t believe that Rosh Hashana is on Monday night already. So, of course, I am trying to cram spiritually. Like cramming for college finals, I suspect that this isn’t as pleasant as if I’d started studying ahead of time!
Meanwhile, here’s a practical guide to preparing for Rosh Hashana: 6 Steps to Fulfilling Your Dream by Azriel Hirsh Friedman. I found it at Aish! And oooh, there are charts. I’m all about the systems. I am printing the article right now and away I go.

What would I do without Aish or Chabad or National Jewish Outreach Program (NJOP) or all these lovely Jewish organizations that keep the more Jewish-knowledge-impaired folks like me up to snuff. I just printed out a stack of guides that promise to explain Rosh Hashanah in a “nutshell.” Maybe next year, I’ll be ready for the whole nut.

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