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My Little Conversion Group

When I was converting I knew only one convert and knew of a handful. There were quite a few prospective converts at the synagogue I attended. But there wasn’t any forum to get all of us together talking about our experiences. I wish there had been.

The one convert that I knew was very gracious about being bombarded with all of my questions. It was interesting that she was much younger than me but she became such a source of wisdom to me during my conversion process. She had been in the process for much longer and it seemed to me like she knew everything.

Eventually, I found an online conversion group but for some reason, it didn’t have the kind of tone that I had hoped. I joined it, left it, joined again and left again. Finally, when I came back a third time (where else was there to go?), they wouldn’t let me back in. So, I started my own group. There’s a little link to it on the right-hand side of the page but in case you missed it and you’re interested, check out:

2 thoughts on “My Little Conversion Group

  1. Hey Aliza,Are Conservative converts welcome in this group? I just found your blog and am enjoying it…trying for a little distraction from the ravages of Hurricane Ike. (I’m in Houston…) No power at home, but at work we’re online. Channeling my inner Pollyanna! Tzena


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