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Jews of Color: A Minority within a Minority

Check out this article, Minority within a Minority, from Aish that focuses on Jewish of Color and their unique challenges. It is a reprint from The Jewish Press.

The article focuses primarily on Jews of Color who are African-American, arguably I presume because they are the most “visible” minority within a minority and because the writer is herself African-American. I would argue though that the rest of us, Latino, Asian and other are just as visible and I should strive to write an article that encompasses us all.

One thought on “Jews of Color: A Minority within a Minority

  1. I knew the Leahys, depicted in the article, when they were first married as they lived right here in Chicago and got married about the same time my wife and I had our chatene. In fact I first met Meira at a Sephardic shabbaton a year earlier when she came in from her home town of Kalamazoo to participate in. It was nice to see them doing so well and blessed with such a lovely family!


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