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Say it loud!

Rich Addicks/AJC
Pamela Harris, and her husband, Jimmy, are part of a growing a trend in the US, blacks converting to Judaism.

I’m black, Jewish and I’m proud!

Okay, I’m not but this article, “Judaism drawing more blacks” takes a look at the African-Americans learning Judaism in Atlanta.

Correction: Oy vey, I stand corrected. According to American standards of “race,” I would be considered at least half-black thanks to one “black” (really brown) parent.

One thought on “Say it loud!

  1. I work at a hospital in Chicago’s Inner city and on occasion I’ve been asked on “Jewish” topics to the weekly employee prayer meeting, an almost exclusively African-American group. I can tell you that the members of this group are very open to Torah, it was quite an experience for me to quote the Gemara or Rambam and to hear responses of “Take me there” and “Preach It.” I expect to see more African-Americans coming into Klal Yisrael in the years ahead and we will be greatly enriched by their presence!


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