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Circumcise me

Circumcise Me: The Comedy of Yisrael Cambpell will make its debut this month on The Jewish Channel. The film features ultra-Orthodox Jewish comedian Yisrael Campbell, formerly Chris Campbell, doing his hilarious stand-up comedy routine and discussing his journey to Judaism as well as his life in Israel since converting to Judaism (three times no less).

I had the pleasure of catching one of Yisrael’s shows at an event at Columbia Universitity in New York, sponsored by Darchei Noam, after having missed him as a part of The Jewish Palestinian Comedy Tour at another Jewish event, LimmudLA 2007, in Costa Mesa, California. After that hysterical night, of course, I made him my Facebook buddy. Reviews of the film can be found in The Economist, and The Jerusalem Post.

One thought on “Circumcise me

  1. When I was at Pardes in 05-06, Yisrael was my creative writing teacher. I had sooooo much fun in class! He is such a wonderful teacher and a real mensch! I’m glad that you got to see him perform and that you’re fb friends 🙂


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