Oscars Recap Numero Uno

Ellen Page was robbed! ROOOOBBBBBEEEEDDDD!

Why wasn’t Amy Adams singing all her songs from Enchanted? (And why weren’t songs with less hilarious lyrics chosen this year?)

And is Javier Bardem Latino because he’s a Spaniard? Yes! (Well, Wikipedia says so.) Spanish white boys are Latinos, too!

Damn I should have seen that French film. Seriously, all I Best Picture nominees I saw were Juno and Michael Clayton. (Hubbie dragged me to the last one.) Oh and I saw Atonement. I thought the titles of the other nominees were too long. Don’t judge.

John Stewart…um, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all! Not his fault that he had to write all his lines last minute because the Writer’s Strike people didn’t give him a month’s notice.

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