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Attack of the White People

Part of Aliza’s Series on Race Relations! See previous: White People Sensititivy Training

According to Latina magazine, there’s a new show on Broadway called “In The Heights” which looks at “three generations of Latinos as they struggle to forge an identity in a community on the brink of gentrification.”

Gentrification? According to Google: The process in which a neighborhood is transformed from low-value to high-value properties.

My husband, being Latino by injection (I stole this from Jessica Alba’s white momma), says this is racist. You know what they really mean, he says. Meanwhile, I’m wondering why don’t they just write what they really mean? You know…”ATTACK OF THE WHITE PEOPLE!”


I practiced this theory with my husband last night.

“Honey, come over here!”

And as he approached the room, I yelled: “ATTACK OF THE WHITE PEOPLE! ATTACK OF THE WHITE PEOPLE!”

We fell down laughing. Well he did. I was already curled up in bed with my Latina magazine.

Yes, we have our own sick sense of humor.

2 thoughts on “Attack of the White People

  1. From my former student:Your article is very true, white people are buying up property all over now and kicking people out to build more unneccessarily tall buildings in their attempts to reach or become gods. But at the same time, we in the poor community weren’t doing a great job with where we live. This is also true. But nontheless I love your article, you should do one on how black people hate to be insulted about how we wear our pants off our butts, how we can’t pay bills but can blow money on rims, and how we hate for other races to ues the “N-word”, but we us it all the time as a term of friendship…. What!? That is the dumbest crap I have ever heard and it embarrasses people of color everywhere.


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