I have been staring at the AISH building in LA for years now and wanting to go in and take some classes. It’s really conveniently located to my LA digs so it just taunts me while I’m in Lala land.

I took a Drisha parsha class last week and found out that “multi-level” means know Hebrew or else be lost. This is the second Drisha class I’ve dropped out of and I’m starting to think this is an ongoing habit.

Thank G-d for Maya and the Internet who helped me uncover some other juicy spots to get my learning on.

So, for now, I am in love with Aish (and the Magic Mystery Torah class) and all the fun people there. They think I’m a freak, of course, after announcing that my husband’s a rabbinical student (ie, so what are you doing at Aish)? I am thinking of doing the one-on-one learning thing.

Mood: Happy:)

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