Black and Jewish=Blewish

Blewish isn’t a term that I’d heard before stumbling upon this short film about an African-American Jewish boy struggling with his identity. My 6-year-old son and I watched it early this week.

Check out the article here about the creator: https://forward.com/culture/477753/blewish-celebrates-black-and-jewish-intersectionality-through-childrens/?fbclid=IwAR2v8LWSg0kBm-M3S0v1VxKYoWZaaZbLSZdSZrvhQZXdUKFBMCSkoEmAn

You can pay to watch the short film here: https://watch.eventive.org/cicff38/play/615312b9e55c4600b0885f15/614e03704802d50037c56e42

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