In the Wee Hours

I have a sleep disorder, delayed sleep phase disorder which means that I wake up around 11am or later and go to bed around 3am. 

It’s strange to be up in the wee hours after everyone has gone to sleep. It’s hours of time that I have to myself and have never really known what to do with. 

I read, of course. I’ve always loved reading. I also have late night talks with the insomniacs in my life as well as the Israelis and British friends abroad. 

My husband handles my son waking up. Like his father, my son is a morning person rising every day now thanks to daylight savings time at sometime between 7 and 8am. I’m not up until 11am or after. 

Right now I am in bed typing on my phone after just having finished Lady Midnight, the latest in…. I still love young adult fiction. It reminds me of long ago, of being a high school English teacher to students who long now been adults themselves. 

Now it’s only 1am and there are miles to go before I sleep. 

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