Disability for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

I was at the beginning of my teaching career–after multiple career changes due to undiagnosed health reasons–when I had to stop working because of my fibromyalgia which was then diagnosed as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I then tried to find work that worked around my condition but that proved futile and caused more pain and long-term damage that I could have known.

Every doctor I have asked has said that getting disability for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome is almost impossible. This is true for people I know who are living in poverty, unemployed by their EDS symptoms. I know people who have been denied repeatedly for almost a decade. I have been told to expect more denials than usual—most people get denied at least once.

I can only hope that this petition does those of us who need disability but are living without it some good.

Please, please sign:

add Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and all of its types to be qualified under SSI/SSDI

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome is a genetic degenerative joint and connective tissue disorder that debilitates those diagnosed from birth. 

Those with EDS should be qualified under SSI/SSDI because this condition not only makes it difficult to impossible for someone to work, it can also be fatal. 

For further information please go to http://www.ednf.org, it may save a life. 

This will also encourage more doctors to educate themselves as well as possibly increase research on the subject. We desperately need your help!

Learn about EDS. 

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