Oh, man!

My useless Palestinian alarm clock? Yeah, that’s disturbing.

10 thoughts on “Oh, man!

  1. Seconded on both counts. I dare not look for fear my worst fears be confirmed. Also, this is why I hate Family Guy. They think these kinds of things are “jokes” — which normalizes stuff like this.


  2. I love Family Guy because they attack everyone and everything. People need too be shaken up and made to think and this shows slaps you in the face. Of course I wouldn't be happy if it happened to my family, but neitheer would I be happy if a member was in a drive-by shooting or any other tragedy they made fun of. the point is it's slap in the face humor and it bothers you here because you are closer to this joke than others. I like some irreverance in my life because it shakes me out of the everyday doldrums i go through.

    Long live the griifins!!! all hail Peter and Stewie!


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