Racism is better in…

I hear people say “the race issues aren’t as bad in X as they are in America.” Are they reading the same articles I’m reading?

Racism is everywhere. Yikes. From a mixed race (half-black/half-Chinese) girl singing on Chinese idol in China getting trash talked for being black to a South Koreans importing foreign workers and then treating them like trash” (sound familiar?). It’s amazing, no matter what country you go to people will find amazingly horrible ways to treat the people they feel as “outsiders” as…TRASH.

4 thoughts on “Racism is better in…

  1. *snort* The ethnic tensions in my husband's home country are vastly different than the ones in America. They might not be recognizable to an American. They are mixed up with very different racial, religious and cultural norms. But does racism still exist? Oh yes.


  2. As are the ethnic tensions in my family's home country (the Dominican Republic) but definitely, it is not without its racism. I think these couple of articles, especially the one on Korea, was trying to highlight how a lot of the stuff happening in Korea is happening here. Maybe someone will read the article and think that's bad and then realize, “Oh, I do that all the time here in America! Maybe if it's not okay for Korea, it's not okay for…OH!” That's the hope.


  3. If people think racism is less in other countries like China and Korea, they have to also understand that these countries do not have the racial diversity that is part of America. Also, “racism” (defined here by me as discrimination based on otherness) comes in different forms in different countries — think the caste system in India


  4. My husband is from a very historically diverse Asian country. (Malasyia–about 65% ethnic Malay, 5% Indian and 30% Chinese). A lot of Americans have trouble understanding the tensions there, because all the racial issues are among people that we all see as “Asians.”


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