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Protect Health Insurance Companies!

Obviously, I am biased on this issue. I have a debiliating chronic illness. I pay out-of-pocket for health insurance (and by, “I pay,” I mean I am lucky enough to have others paying it for me because I am not able to afford it myself). I’ve even been told that while I’m too disabled to work, I’m not disabled enough to qualify for disability. So tell me again how you don’t think or care that the system is screwed?

And yet, even with health insurance, what I’ve paid some months for medications is what some people pay in rent. No one in my immediate family can afford health insurance and so they are part of the millions in this country who are unsured. For years, I was in the same boat: too poor to pay for health insurance, not poor enough to qualify for state health insurance programs like Medicaid (how do I get myself into these quandries?).

Do I think President Obama is the Messiah who will solve all this country’s health care woes? No. But at least, he’s giving it a shot. I don’t see anybody else standing up and trying to do anything but that’s the thing with most healthy people…they have the luxury of not thinking about being sick until they’re actually sick. I remember since I used to be one.

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