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The Customs of Foreign Lands

In the Dominican Republic where the lights cut out when you least expect it, Dominicans like to yell “Se fue la luz!” In Sweden, Swedish fish don’t come in the signature red. In Canada, milk comes in a bag. No really, watch this video below.

2 thoughts on “The Customs of Foreign Lands

  1. I grew up in Ontario, and my family still lives there. I have one issue with this- the milk from a bag does NOT taste better. When milk is exposed to light it tastes different. Plus, because it's always open (since the bag is cut) it absorbs other flavours- even if you keep baking soda in your fridge.

    SO, as a student living away from home, currently in Alberta, though previously in Quebec, I always buy milk in cartons, with resealable plastic screw-on lids.

    Though, I will say, milk in bags is cheaper, and the fun thing about the containers is that you can decorate them! My parents let my sister and I go wild with coloured permanent markers, and we still have the same jugs as from when we were little. And they sell devices solely for the purpose of snipping the milk bag, I think they're called milk bag snippets or something. They're magnetic, and live on your fridge door, and perfect for snipping the perfect sized hole in the milk bag (which is a huge issue- too small and it takes forever to pour, too big and the bag droops oddly and spills).

    Now your milk bag education is complete.


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