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I’m American and I’m up for adoption

Should I order Chinese? I don’t mean food.

Why didn’t Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt adopt me? Why didn’t Madonna adopt me? These are questions I ask myself when I hear about their latest quests for international adoptions.

Roland Martin has a better question: “Why aren’t celebrities adopting U.S. kids?” Martin claims that “according to various adoption and governmental agencies, more than 500,000 American children are under foster care, and many of them are waiting for adoption. From coast to coast, babies to toddlers to teens are desperately looking for a home where they can be loved, nurtured and provided for.”

But when I worried aloud about the state of my biological clock, someone suggested I adopt from China if I faced any fertility problems in the future. She said, “Everyone’s doing it.”

Why everyone is adopting abroad is a question that Martin goes to great lengths to answer in his piece for CNN. And the problem does not lie in Madonna’s recent international adoption. It’s much closer to home. But it won’t be fixed by my little blog.

5 thoughts on “I’m American and I’m up for adoption

  1. Aliza,Adoption in the United States is full of unbelievable headaches. Between the cost (30,000 to 40,000), the fact biological parents can get the kids back, in addition to the fact to fact many kids here are exposed to substances from birth, there are reasons why people adopt overseas.Not all of them are the best (like the last reason) but you need to understand the problem.


  2. My hunch is the repercussions of the adoption phenomenon has not fully manifested. From an East Asian-Jewish perspective, particularly adoptees from beleaguered China and Korea a generation ago, the machinations have birthed a Neo-Judaism of sorts, facilitating cross-cultural/regional dialogue, from a political and economic paradigm.

    Notable interpretations of this:

    < HREF="" REL="nofollow"><>
    Going Home<><>< HREF="" REL="nofollow"><>
    Judy Alive<><>P.S. My research has focused primarily on Shanghai and Manila, where Jews were given safe haven during WWII, but am very interested in learning more about what transpired in Sosúa.


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