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Can you be a color and a ghost?

So I just received my “Commemorative Inaugural Edition” of Newsweek. Listen, I have nothing against Barack Obama but the dude even made it to the cover of my Entertainment Weekly! Fo’ shame.

Meanwhile, I decided I’d give the issue a try anyway. I slipped past the first couple of pages and finally turned the magazine over to skim the pages in the back. This is a bad habit I have picked up from my husband by the way who loves to skim random pages in a book before he purchases it.
So who did I find in the back of my “Commemorative Inaugural Edition” of Newsweek? No, I mean BESIDES Barack Obama. Well, none of other than my Dominican brotha (could be, I mean we have the same last name…) JUNOT DIAZ!!!
Here’s what Mr. Diaz had to say about the inauguration:
But here’s what I’m thinking: if all things go as they should (fingers crossed), Obama will be these children’s president until they are 10 years old. They will grow up with a black president as their commonplace. I grew up in an America that didn’t reflect me at all, where I was therefore a ghost. How that affected my psyche and my self of self there is no telling. [These children], though, will grow up in a world where the most powerful man reflects them back, at least in part. This might mean nothing. It might mean everything. But for the first time in human history we’ll have a chance to find out.

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