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Extremely Sensitive: Treating My Fibromyalgia

No more milkshakes for me!

A teacher I had for a nutrition class struggled with different health problems. She likened herself to the canary sent down to the mines because she was especially sensitive to everything. Because fibromyalgia makes absolutely no sense and some health professionals posit that it could the body’s response, some sort of defense system, against all sorts of toxins, I felt at home thinking of myself as the canary.

But I roll my eyes every time one of my friends forwards me another email about something they’ve read about fibromyalgia. I don’t know why I actually even open the emails, what can I expect? Usually it’s another link to “crazy” (read: not covered by insurance) methods people have gotten into to curb the pain. More often than not, it’s another email about some drug they saw advertised on TV that doesn’t work on me . Should I be offended? Don’t they think that I’ve already tried everything?

Still when a friend who suffers from fibromyalgia said I should try getting tested for food allergies, really food senstitives, I said I’d give it a shot. She’s made significant gains fighting her fibromyalgia by curbing her intake of some of the foods in her diet. Of course, this was just another thing not covered by my insurance so I waited until a little angel gifted it to me as an early Chanukah present.

So I just got the results back but I’m still skeptical. Cutting out rice (OMG!), peppers, tomatoes, wheat, milk and most of the things I eat every day is going to help my fibromyalgia? Right now, it just seems to be hurting my groceries budget! Does anyone know if alfalfa sprouts are cheaper than Tylenol?

7 thoughts on “Extremely Sensitive: Treating My Fibromyalgia

  1. You have a few options.You don’t have to do anything yet.You can just cut out one thing at a time and see if it helps.You can research more.Honestly, rice is pretty inert. I’ve never heard of it as an allergen, and we deal a lot with allergens.


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