Soundbites from articles on Racism

Welcome to “post-racial” America folks, where all anyone can seem to talk about is…race.

“This is the crux of “white denial,” and [Tim] Wise points out in his essays that it remains at the heart of racial inequality in America. Members of the privileged group—in this case, whites—seem both unwilling and unable to acknowledge the unearned privilege their race bestows on them, and as a result continue to underestimate the cost—the “skin tax,” if you will—exacted from people of color.”

“Still waiting for a ‘post-racial’ America”

“On November 4, Nebraska joined California, Michigan, and Washington as yet another state that voted for a constitutional measure that will ban affirmative action programs in the state. Apparently, many people believe that if a man of color can hold the highest office in the land, then race no longer matters and affirmative action isn’t needed anymore. But are we entering an era where race and racism are no longer barriers to advancement? “

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