Aliza Does Jury Duty

Yes, what does Aliza plan to be doing next Monday morning way too early in the AM for her? Jury duty! Jury duty! Yay, jury duty! Since my husband’s complaining I am “working” too much, this might be a good thing for me.

Now I’m off to curl up with Patrick Dempsey in “Made of Honor”.

Don’t forget to share you fun stories from jury duty.

3 thoughts on “Aliza Does Jury Duty

  1. Well here are my experiences with Jury Duty in the wonderful Cook County, Illinois System:1984-Dismissed from a civil case because I needed to leave early for Shabbat. 1996-Dismissed from serving in a criminal case since I worked for a Home Improvement outlet with a large number of law enforcement agents for customers. I was thrilled as my wedding was the next week.2004-Dismissed from serving in a civil case as a result of the parties settling out of court on trial day.Thankfully, they haven’t called me in the last four years.


  2. Those are some awesome stories. I’m going to fix the post up so that more people will comment about their jury duty experiences.I was dismissed for having an aunt who is a police officer and makes me more biased towards what police officers have to say. But I guess the more poignant dismissal was being dismissed because I had my own court case going with kidnapping my sister and all. Do people on jury duty get paid? Because I will just sign up all the time to get some cash. 🙂


  3. In Cook County, IL you are paid around $50 per day of service. In theory your employer can ask you to sign over the check to them but it’s been my experience, that they rarely do. I think in ’04 I took my wife out to dinner with my sudden “windfall”. What I found, as a European-American male, is that by dressing up, shirt, coat, and tie, you increase the chances of being kicked off the jury by one side or another. In 1996, a chap sitting next to me in a t-shirt and holed jeans, got selected.


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